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Sku: CG08A Blue

Introducing the Luxurious Majestic Collection, a testament to opulence and sophistication in home décor. This exquisite series is meticulously crafted using premium Tencel yarn, renowned for its remarkable softness and durability. The result is a collection that not only captures the sumptuous feel of silk underfoot but also ensures long-lasting beauty and resilience.

The Luxurious Majestic Collection boasts intricately designed pieces that are the epitome of elegance. Each rug in this collection features traditional and vintage patterns, skillfully woven to bring timeless charm and character to any space. The patterns are accentuated with a vibrant pop of Prussian blue and rust red, adding a touch of boldness and warmth that enlivens the intricate designs.

Material: Tencel yarn

Made in Turkey

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