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619 Antrasit/White
$ 199.99 CAD

The Aztec collection is a stunning addition to any home decor. This collection features a medium pile height that offers a perfect balance between comfort and durability. The rugs are designed with a unique texture in neutral cream and grey tones, which are perfect for adding warmth and sophistication to any space. The slight pop of color in the geometric patterns of the rug provides a contemporary twist to the traditional Aztec design.

The Aztec collection is manufactured with a blend of high-quality polyester and cotton fibers, which ensures that the rug is both durable and comfortable. These fibers are known for their strength, softness, and resistance to wear and tear. This makes the Aztec collection a perfect choice for high-traffic areas in your home.

The geometric patterns in the Aztec collection are intricately woven and provide a unique visual interest to any room. These patterns are inspired by the ancient Aztec civilization, known for their intricate designs and artistry. The neutral color palette of the rug allows for easy integration into any existing decor, while the geometric patterns offer a modern touch to your home.

Material: Soft Polyester & Cotton

Made in Turkey

*All sizes are approximate*

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